Welcome to,

We are a team made up of multinational and multidisciplinary researchers/programmers keen on picking up challenging programming assignments. The scope of our interest includes (but is not limited to):

  • web and mobile application (android / iOS) development
  • advanced algorithms (e.g. machine learning)
  • scientific programming (e.g. R, Python)
  • language processing
  • image processing 

Apart from third-party projects, we also develop in-house services and applications.

Feel free to browse through our list of applications, services or contact us if you have any requests, questions or queries.

Flexible Layout

Our website has a flexible layout and is mobile-friendly too! Try resizing your browser window to see the elastic design!

Our Team

Our Team is currently based in Tokyo, Japan  with members from:


 Japan  USA  Spain  Canada Sweden  Singapore


...who can communicate in:


 English   Japanese  Chinese  Spanish  French  Russian Swedish


JOCR Offline Field Test



Crossword Contextual Solver


Now available for iOS too!



Extra Phone Info (IMEI & more)


Facial Metrics Analysis


Camera Disabler


Cracked Screen Prank HD




JTrans - Japanese Text & Web Page Translator


JOCR - Japanese Text / Kanji OCR

ic launcher




Same Game Physics+