Welcome to,

We are a team made up of multinational and multidisciplinary researchers/programmers keen on picking up challenging programming assignments. The scope of our interest includes (but is not limited to):

  • web and mobile application (android / iOS) development
  • advanced algorithms (e.g. machine learning, crowdsourcing)
  • scientific programming (e.g. R, Python)
  • language processing
  • image processing 

Apart from third-party projects, we also develop in-house services and applications.

Feel free to browse through our list of applications, services or contact us if you have any requests, questions or queries.

We also run the Realtime Earthquake Alert for Japan and Shizen (natural Japanese phrase search) pages.


Flexible Layout

Our website has a flexible layout and is mobile-friendly too! Try resizing your browser window to see the elastic design!

Beta version of Shizen!

Our Team

Our Team is currently based in Tokyo, Japan  with members from:


 Japan  USA  Spain  Canada Sweden  Singapore


...who can communicate in:


 English   Japanese  Chinese  Spanish  French  Russian Swedish


JOCR Offline Field Test



Crossword Contextual Solver


Now available for iOS too!


Facial Metrics Analysis



Cracked Screen Prank HD




JTrans - Japanese Text & Web Page Translator


JOCR - Japanese Text / Kanji OCR

ic launcher




Same Game Physics+




Real-time Earthquake Alert is a page which collects 'live' earthquake reports from the Japan Meteorological Agency and P2P sources. The data is also translated into English on the fly. The reports are collected within seconds their creation.




Camera Disabler




Extra Phone Info (IMEI & more)