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Extra Phone Info (IMEI & more)

This app allows you to get hold of extra phone details including unique identifiers (UUID) such as IMEI, MEID, ESN numbers.

Your network details, i.e. country code and network provider and auto-roaming status and SIM card details, i.e. provider and SIM card serial number, can all be retrieved via this app.

Further information include your subscriber ID and voicemail number.

Last but not least, you will also be able to get your Android ID which is unique to each device.

All the info are displayed in easy-to-access textboxes which allow for quick copying.


UUID, android ID, IMEI, ESN, MEID, voicemail number, auto-roaming status, network provider, system info, phone info, connection details, sim card number, serial number

Cracked Screen Prank HD

A high resolution cracked screen overlay will appear after running the app. The phone will still function as per normal except for realistic internal screen damage graphics. This makes the app very suitable for anyone looking to prank friends and family!

Unlike other similar apps, removal of the "cracked screen" does not require the handphone to have an accelerometer and is as simple as tapping on a secret spot on the screen. A delay function is also available to add to the element of surprise!

- Delay function to increase realism
- Works even on the lock screen
- Does not alter functionality of phone in anyway


For best results, disable the auto-rotation when pranking

Google Play link


JOCR OFFLINE is the first FULLY OFFLINE Japanese-English Dictionary Android Application with OFFLINE Camera OCR functionality! Watch the field test video below to see the app in action.

Coming for a holiday in Japan? Bring JOCR OFFLINE with you to translate menus, signboards and what not, WITHOUT THE NEED FOR A MOBILE DATA PLAN! Simply take a photo of the text and press "translate"! Or use it as a normal dictionary to convey messages to locals.

Living in Japan but still learning Japanese? Use JOCR OFFLINE to help you with your studies and day-to-day life (OCR all the letters!) . パケ放題 not necessary!

Interested in the Japanese culture but can't make out the meaning of words? Use JOCR OFFLINE to translate bits and pieces of Japanese text you come across. It will be your handy translation tool.


Dictionary function:
- OFFLINE - use it in the plane even!
- FAST SEARCH - made possible by FTS4 SQL search
- EXTENSIVE SEARCH - search long English or Japanese phrases, compound words or even sentences and they will be broken up into parts automatically.
- ROMAJI, ENGLISH, KANJI and KANA SUPPORT - enter anything you want in the same textbox
- SIMPLE SWIPE to change the search setting - no more tiny checkboxes!

Interface and Design:
- SIMPLE AND CLEAN - search quickly without the need for flipping through menus
- NO NETWORK PERMISSIONS REQUIRED - full privacy and, of course, no ads
- SELF-CONTAINED APP - in-built dictionary and OCR training files; no requirements to install other apps.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function:
- OFFLINE OCR - What more can we say? Its like a pocket scanner!
- MORE ACCURATE than web-based OCR methods
- NO DATA COSTS - web-based OCRs may send entire images which are large files.
- SCAN ENTIRE PARAGRAPHS and edit the text later to search the lines you are interested in.



Points to note:
- The app requires you to have about 50MB of free space on your Phone memory/SD card
- OCR functionality works best when used on printed characters with a plain background
- Performance of OCR and extensive search depends on the length of text being analysed

Japan Japanese English Dictionary Offline OCR Optical character recognition translate translation translator

Facial Metrics Analysis



Facial Metrics Analysis is a mathematical tool that analyzes images or photos on the phone gallery, web images, newly taken photos and returns accurate details about the person of interest!

Facial analysis reports can be saved and shared through various platforms such as Facebook and email! Predicted parameters include gender, predicted minimum, maximum and likely age, mood at time of photo, etc!

The app uses a cutting-edge facial recognition engine that not only allows recognition but also matching and tagging of faces against a database.

The paid version of the app allows for matching of facial metrics to famous celebrities and even allows for your features to be superimposed onto the celeb shots!

More work is being done to include new variables such as level of aggression, etc, based on scientific research on facial metrics.


Google Play link


Flexible Layout

Our website has a flexible layout and is mobile-friendly too! Try resizing your browser window to see the elastic design!

JOCR Offline Field Test



Crossword Contextual Solver


Now available for iOS too!


Facial Metrics Analysis



Cracked Screen Prank HD




JTrans - Japanese Text & Web Page Translator


JOCR - Japanese Text / Kanji OCR

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Extra Phone Info (IMEI & more)